Migrate WordPress to static website

What for Someone who I maintain website for realized the bill of a public cloud provider isn’t exactly as expected. The computing resource falls under “free tier” but the disk isn’t. And the cost of disk usage is the surprise. Second, WordPress does a good job building the initial website but requires a hosting EC2 … Read moreMigrate WordPress to static website

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Exam Tips

The last 30 days have been exhausting for me. I studied hard on the new AWS Certified DevOps Engineer exam and thank goodness I passed (750 out of 1000 is required). This was the hardest professional certification I ever worked on. The exam was re-launched recently in March 2019 so there is still a shortage … Read moreAWS Certified DevOps Engineer Exam Tips

SSH key pair for access between instances in CloudFormation

We use CloudFormation to deploy infrastructure including private and public subnets, as well as EC2 instances. It is a good practice to place as many instances as possible in private subnet and access those only from Bastion Host in the public subnet. For smaller systems it is even common to use the NAT instance as … Read moreSSH key pair for access between instances in CloudFormation

My thoughts on CI/CD

This is a huge topic that is impossible to cover in a posting. To make it worse, they become a buzz word that every body use to mean different things. AWS has a good white paper on CI/CD but there are too much focus on its own hosted services along the way. Otherwise it is … Read moreMy thoughts on CI/CD

Build a WordPress site in one hour with Lightsail

My challenge with my just revived wordpress.com site is the plug-ins. Even paied premium users cannot install plug-ins for diagram, etc. Upgrading to business plan for $33 a month is a bit luxurious for a site just for fun. 14 years ago I prototyped an intranet site in university in an all summer long project … Read moreBuild a WordPress site in one hour with Lightsail

Coordination between resources in AWS CloudFormation

One of the reasons I prefer CloudFormation over Terraform is access to Helper scripts. Many legacy applications are not built with statelessness and the installation depends on host information of other layers in the stack. This requires communication among instances during stack creation. The cloudformation Helper script (cfn-init, cfn-signal, cfn-hup and cfn-getmetadata) plays a key … Read moreCoordination between resources in AWS CloudFormation