Storage Nitty-Gritty 5 of 5 – Replication

Replication Terms PIT (point in time) replica – snapshot of the source at some specific timestamp;Continuous Replica – always in-sync with the production data;Recoverability – enables restoration of data from the replica to the source if data loss or corruption occurs;Restartability – enables restarting business operations using the replicas; Local Replication Use Case: Alternative source … Read moreStorage Nitty-Gritty 5 of 5 – Replication

Networking Basics 1 of 3 – Layer 1 through Layer 3

What layer model works the best? Back in university my textbook was based on OSI 7-layer model. It is rigorously defined and often used in academics. When it comes to day-to-day operation, the 5-layer TCP/IP model is more useful. It combines Application, Presentation and Session layers in OSI model into a single Application layer. Physical … Read moreNetworking Basics 1 of 3 – Layer 1 through Layer 3