Java Garbage Collection

Tuning the garbage collector is the most important thing that can be done to improve the performance of a Java application. OpenJDK has three collectors suitable for production, with different performance characteristics. In order to study the GC behaviours in application, it is important to turn on GC logging. The detailed step is different in … Read moreJava Garbage Collection

Virtualization Overview

Virtualization technology evolved from on-premise data centre environment and now is the backbone of cloud computing. The challenges of IT operation in the era of virtualization involves managing VM sprawling, investigating performance issues, planning capacity and addressing storage I/O block. The idea of virtualization is sharing (thus isolating) resources for better utilization, leading to better … Read moreVirtualization Overview

Virtualization of graphics computing resource

GPU vs CPU GPU is a specialized type of microprocessor primarily designed for quick image rendering. GPU appeared as a response to graphically intense applications that put a burden on the CPU and degrated computer performance. They became a way to offload those tasks from CPUs, but modern graphics processors are powerful enough to perform … Read moreVirtualization of graphics computing resource

Zookeeper and Kafka overview

Zookeeper General definition of distributed system: a software system that is composed of independent computing entities linked together by a computer network whose components communicate and coordinate with each other to achieve a common computational goal. Implementing coordination among components of a distributed system is hard. For example, designated master node becomes single point of … Read moreZookeeper and Kafka overview

Docker network brief

Reading notes of “Docker DeepDive” Docker networking is backed by libnetwork, which is an implementation of Container Network Model (CNM), an open-source pluggable architecture designed to provide networking to containers. Libnetwork also provides native service discovery and basic container load balancing solution. Docker networking also involves some drivers that extend the CNM model with specific … Read moreDocker network brief